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With Canine Corner, you're getting experience and expertise from groomers who love animals as much as you do! As a home-based business located in Colorado Springs, CO, we specialize in catering to dogs and cats on a personal level to ensure they walk out feeling amazing! With years of experience and a devotion for animals, we do our part to provide exceptional grooming services that you can be assured leaves your pet clean, pampered, and refreshed!

Our Grooming Services

Pet trims

Leave it to Canine Corner to provide the trim your cat or dog needs between styles (especially for certin furry breeds)! We can trim up around the eyes and face so your pet feels comfortable year-round.

Breed-Specific Styling

Part of the benefit in working with us is that we are a National Certified Master Groomer so we know how to style your pet based on their unique breed. Whether you have a poodle in need of a iconic style or a plush, Himalayan cat, we can expertly groom them with ease!

De-Shedding Service

Have you noticed your pet shedding more than normal? Particularly during the change of seasons? Then book an appointment with Canine Corner for a de-shedding treatment! With a specialized brushing technique and product, we restore your pet's coat in one session!

Brush & Bath Service

We can help get your pet squeaky clean with our bathing and brushing services! This is a cleaning session your pets are sure to love even if they typically hate baths!

Oral Hygiene Services

Often times oral hygeine is overlooked when it comes to your pets. Let our groomer expertly brush your pet's teeth to promote cleanliness and fresh breath!

Dog & Cat Grooming

At Canine Corner, we work with both dogs and cat of every size and breed! If you have certain requests for your pet's grooming session, please feel free to let us know!

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